Monday, June 4, 2012

Readers tips

This lovely image of cupcakes was sent to me by ? (stupid Fb messing up my stuff) *sorry, love! Please tell me your name so I can give you credit for sending me the picture*
They are too lovely <3
I think the POISON topper is super cute. Brilliant!


  1. Beautiful, I love the compination of pink and black. "We´re cute but poisonous", they say. Lovely! <3

  2. those are amazing! and probably dangerously yummi :D

  3. There look yummy but deadly! :3

  4. They look gorgeously,dangerously, delicious. ^^
    It's funny, now-a-days I'm actually starting to like the color pink more(especially paired with black!).Didn't use to be a big fan of it. So much has changed within only a couple of years I guess. lol.

  5. So sweet of your part post this on your blog :) My name is Ananda, but in facebook my nick name is Strange Giirl. And sorry for don't comment before! I just was so busy :(
    Have a nice day with your lovely family <3

    P.S: you are super cool! I wish I had friends like you! ^.^