Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Shopping Pip Studio design

30% off on Pip Studio porcelain - how could I resist?

It's so not Goth, but my girly-girl and grandma side just loooooves it!
Unfortunately they didn't have my fav. Pip porcelains in the store, but this will do for now :)


  1. Det är kul när människor är nyanserade. :) Jag har också en girlygirly grandma side. Mitt kök är rosa och fullt av cupcakes medan mitt vardagsrum är svart och gothic.

  2. Jag tror jag vet var du shoppade :o)) Jag tänkte jag skulle dit imorgon och kolla efter fynd!


  3. Do you like Miss Blackbirdy porcelain?

  4. Hello,

    I had a question for you. I am putting on a panel at two anime conventions in Canada (Nishikaze and Animethon) about subcultre fashions within Asia and Europe. I was wondering if I could use some of your fashion photos as examples in the presentation for the various gothic styles. It's just a power point presentation and the photos won't be accesible to anyone just shown on the screen. It's just easier to show all the different styles this way because I'm covering about 50 styles...maybe more. O.O

    If you perfer not to, that it okay. Thanks for your time. ^-^


    1. Hi!
      Yes, of course do! If you think any of my pictures would fit your presentation just go ahead. Cool that you want me <3