Wednesday, June 20, 2012

TeeBee's summer hair - goth mohawk

My darling son TeeBee made me shave his hair into his usual summer hairdo, Goth mohawk, past bedtime last night simply because he wanted to have liberty spikes at todays midsummer party at daycare.

He is just too cool I think!

I always leave his "sideburns" because it reminds me of how little China boys were shaved many centuries ago.

I think this style of mohawk is called a death mohawk nowadays? When not formed to liberty spikes, that is..


  1. Hi!
    That hair looks so adorable!

    Also I think your girls might like the clothes from this shop

  2. That looks great :D You are such a cool mom :D
    No that's not a Death hawk, a Death hawk is when the long bit is back combed like this:

  3. Teebe is a very lovely boy.May he be blessed Adora! <3

  4. Aww! He's got a great sense of style. :D

  5. Han är jättesöt!! Killar i den åldern vill vara tuffa :)

  6. OMG how cute he is!!<3

  7. aww he looks so cool! you are really the coolest mom ever!