Saturday, July 21, 2012

Adora BatBrat survey if you please....

I will start selling my music (can it even be called music with this horrible voice of mine?) and I'd like to know what type of phones people are using.

Which Smartphone are you using, my pretty?
Thank' so much for answering, the survey is now full. The result:
Android 51%

iPhone 29%
Blackberry 7%
Other 13%
I myself have an Android; a htc Desire.

Goths are known for self-inflicted harm, so perhaps listerning to my "music" can be an alternative to spilling your wonderful blood? I want my goths to be intact, please.

Wonderful blood


  1. Lol, I wonder if that thing I use is even possible to consider as a phone:) My difficulties with sending a text are... just funny:D
    But I like the gif and that's what's count;))

  2. If you're going to sell music, I'm SO gonna buy it! :'D

  3. Motorola triumph!!! Love u adora!

  4. Im a owner of Samsung Galaxy S2 With Android 4.0.4 aokp :)

  5. that gif, it's out of your St. Valintines Day decorating video?

  6. iphone har jag. och jag kollar ofta fb och bloggar via den för jag är för lat för att starta datorn..


  7. you will start selling your music? can't wait!!!!<3