Tuesday, July 10, 2012

BatBrat idea: neckbelt

I have a few cool necklaces that's a bit too long to be a favorite because I would like them shorter around my neck and are too lazy to shorten them so I end up with a safety pin in the back and that doesn't look that UCG.
But since the happy 80's when personal creativity exploed we wore our necklaces as "belts" and I have continued using this lovely idea.
Mostly I have had crosses, but since I've got a nice blood necklace I might as well use it.
Clever, right?!
I'm so smart, I'm so clever!


  1. Cute, but I'm not quite skinny enough for that.

  2. I have used chains from necklaces and a few charms on it too and turn them into chains for your pants. I loved doing that for the times I'd get all dolled up to go out!

  3. very cute but I wish my waist was small enough to do that !! <3 love from Australia