Friday, July 6, 2012


A week after I was in the paper I recieved a huge poster with me on; apparently I was on the billboards the Saurday the paper came out.
I'm so happy I was away in another town that whole day so I didn't know about it until a week later. Can you imagine going out on town seeing this HUGE billboard of your face all over town? Far away from subtle...even though I'm cool with myself, I'm only that cool about myself in my goth environment!

Since neither me, or my husband, knew about my billboard action I wanted to shock him so I hang it on our front door just minutes before he arrived.
Not a word!? 
I had to ask him if he really missed seeing that HUGE poster of me?! 
He just stood quiet...then he wondered why I had put up the interview of me on our front door? Gah, stupid (but, oh so cute)! I had to explain it was not the paper but a billboard from Saturday. He looked even more confused and ran to the door to see if it was true - then he laughed so hard, me as well! So crazy!

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