Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Goth in nature

My trip to Kalmar (where my mum and her husband lives, and my uncle O lives with his family 1 house down, and my grandpa Harry lives 3 houses down) have been fab. This morning we all went the 100 meters down to the beach and my pretty husband and TeeBee and Fairlight took a nice bath in the 22 degree Celsius water.
Me and Synthia mostly walked around in the water and collected dead fishes that we put in a nice row in the sand. We found 9.

Then we got back to the house for a coffee break at 13:30 with grandpa and had last nights blueberry cupcakes me and the kids made with the blueberries from the garden. Very nice, grandpa said.
We gave him 2 bags for the freezer as well :)

I posed for "Goth outfit of the day" and grandpa just "-Ehh, what are you doing?" Haha! I told him I wanted to include him in the picture since he is an internet celeb now. He thought that was funny :)

Then my cool and sweet uncle and his lovely family arrived back from their boat trip so we went down to greet them.

After dinner we served a strawberry cake we made together. It was lovely I might add. It almost tasted like a cloud :)
I served it with a rum and chocolate sauce to ripple on top. Most delightful! I wanted to use an Amaretto liquor instead, but rum worked lovely with the strawberries.

Now I'm in the car on my way home.
I have a smile on my lips because it was so nice meeting them all again, the weather was perfect and the kids had fun. This Goth mum is very contempt.

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  1. You have the most adorable kids! And you seem like such a lovely mother =D