Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Heart in the butt

Many, maaaany weeks ago we attended the Cat Show in Kalmar, a town 1 hour drive away.
Cats to the left and the right made me bit delusional and although I've had my butt on the lovely heart chair my husband got from me on our wedding day most of the day I still forgot it at the cat show!
Apparently the human body have no memory in the butt.

I called the show and to my luck there was a lady from my town also at the cat show and she was nice enough to bring it home with her.

She's a breeder for Bengal cats as well so it will be a real treat to visit her on Friday :)

Random web pictures of Bengal cats


  1. bengaler är så vackra. sno med en till mig ;)



  3. I love cats. thanks for sharing. I would love a pet Ocelot though, they are really gorgeous.

  4. My brother has two bengal cats, one brownish, and one snow.
    Unfortunately they had to let the brown one go, she had FIP :(
    But Havanah, the snow bengal is really gorgeous!