Sunday, August 5, 2012

Goth bitten by a spider

Other contries has got bit bigger and bit more dangerous spiders than the whimpish Swedish spiders, so if you say in any other contry than Sweden you got bitten by one people might actually belive you!
But if you live in Sweden and say something like that the nuthouse is your next resort.

Thing is:
as a child I got bitten by a Swedish spider...

After being laughed at several times and almost had my forhead stamped with mythomaniac I decided never to tell anyone about this again (here's a safe place, right?).

Then, at the darling age of 16, I met this devastating pretty boy (who later morphed into my husband), and after a few months I decided to let him know my inner secrets.
Took a deep breath, told him I had something to share that he might not belive.
I told him about the spider who bit me.

I was getting ready to have a big laugh thrown at me and that he would end this wonderful romance saying he can't be in love with a crazy woman...
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I saw his eyes changed.
He stared at my face.
His lips were slowly separated.
He took a deep breath.

Then he said: 
"-You too! Noone has ever belived me when I told them I got bitten by a spider! Finally someone who belives me!!!!"

And there you have it - if that's not a soulmate criteria I don't know what is!
From that day forward we both know we were for ever :)

And how were we bitten?
  • Me: I was about 8, sitting in the backseat of the car. All of a sudden something tickled me in the neck so I curved my neck to make it go away. Then I felt a sting, like someone poked me with a needle.
    I whiped the place with my hand and down rolled a small, black ball. Not bigger than 3-4 mm.
    I remember being so surprised and kept looking at it to figure out if it was a pebble of somekind.
    Then it opened up - and it was a small spider!!!
    (I'm not more scared of spiders than other bugs after that encounter)
  • My love: He had a big pool in his yard. He was 10 as it happened.
    One day he saw a poor spider fighting to survive as it was in the water. Since he is such a kind spirit he scooped his hand and lifted the spider.
    As the water ran away the spider landed on his naked palm and as a "thank you" it bit the knight in shining armour!!! What a bitch!


  1. spider bites are the worst! here in new zealand we have the deadly katipo spider and not so deadly, but not very friendly white tails, I got bitten by a white tail on my leg and the injury turned septic, I have a gaping crater n my leg that I had to cover with a spider tattoo so people would stop asking me how I got it! the nasty spiders dont have very bad poison, you can be allergic to it, but its ther fangs, they sit eating dead things all day so have all sorts of nasty bacteria on the fangs!, I am a prolific bed checker now (I was bitten in bed) I dont want my kids being bitten!

  2. I sympathize greatly. I am afraid of any spider larger than the nail on my pinkie finger. I don't know how those in tropical areas where the spiders grow huge manage. My trip to Australia, especially the rain forests was certainly eye-opening. I had never seen spiders as big as my hand in real life outside a zoo before.

  3. Oof, I know how spider bites feel, not too sweet. But I do love the little and big guys, yet not so much the small ones. Those are evil and can be poisonous. Aww, soulmate criteria indeed. I found it to be cute and ironic because it's the same thing with my love and I. We were both bitten by spiders, but ouch! Those little monsters are such devils!!

  4. That little spider on your face at the top of the post is fun to play with! I like how it backs away if you point your mouse at it. lol

  5. GAH, I thought that was an actual bug on my screen >_<

  6. Eeeeeeeeeeeep that spider crawling across your picture is way creepier than real spiders!
    (Real spiders just want to hug you!)