Sunday, September 23, 2012

Adora's Dream world: "Nude on a boat trip"

What's with all those dreams?!
And those darn evil dreamgirls!

Last night I dreamt there was some kind of alternative wedding going on in town and I went to this huge boat ride with lots of others. Ended up at some island looking bit like Pirates of the Caribbean where there was some kind of competition.
When I was on the boat trip back I was nude all of a sudden!

Arrived at the harbour and was about to walk the 30 meters up to our last house. I felt it was bit embarrassing to walk nude since I gained a few kilos over the summer.
In front of me walked another nude girl, also from the boat trip. I asked her if we could walk together to make it less embarrassing.
And she's like: -Don't think so! and walked away!!!

What the hell?! What's with everyone being a bitch to me in my dreams?
Wednesday it was my sister being a bitch in my dream ;(

Okay, so, when I reached our house there was another kind of stairs, like a climbing wall on the outside and very unstabile. For some reason I couldn't use my hands either.
I climbed the "stairs", nude, and tried to figure out how to open the door since I had to balance both feets and couldn't use my hands.
I whistled, tried to make noice and shouted. Finally my husband opened the door and said: -Why are you naked? And I said I have no idea since the clothes just disappeared during the boat trip and that it was a dream and things just happens like that in dreams. HAhaha!! :)

Then there was this jump to a new dream where my breasts had been blown up somehow.
They had been blown up so much there was now a uni-breast! 
Uni-boobs (symmastia)
And it felt like a soft dough and started to rip open. I tried to make it into 2 breasts pressing the side of my hand between them, but then they just moved up to my throat. It was like a baloon in there!
I woke up in shock! Phu, still two separate breasts...


  1. You're probably just fretting over your body because you gained a few pounds over the summer and your subconscious is thinking about it. Struggling to climb and balance I'm blindly stabbing at might just mean you've been really busy and trying to keep on top of things. Now the other nude lady you speak of, might just be your way of..simply searching for a quality something that you feel you don't have? Hope this helped lol x

  2. Hahah dreams are so weiiird. I usually have bad ones if I don't keep a small light on. I know embarrassing but it's a true story. I think your dream means you are feeling more exposed these days and maybe feeling like anxious about your new business plans and people's responses< wrong word but something like that? OH sheesh listen to me.. never mind I was just thinking I am psychic but people come to me to talk and figure things out so I guess my head gets too big.

  3. Hahahahaha! I laughed so hard when i read about you dreamt that you have uni-breasts xD