Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Help to organize me!!!!

I don't think anyone noticed - but I'm perplexed from time to time *you don't say Miss "I-answer-peoples-mails-3-months-after-I-got-them"* 
I am a bit too busy and I need to have some structure to cope with all the fun! This blog is super-fun, but I've had too little time for it lately - and that is a no-NO! I love this! And since I know others to be smarter than me I should ask smarter for help ;)
It will mean ever so much to have your opinions on a few scheduled blog themes. From time to time I get super nice tips from you...but then I forget about them. Hit me! And hit me hard!

  1. My Music Monday's
    Off to a shaky start, but I like the idea to spread the nice electro music I love to the rest of the world. New thing is I present a new song each week until we have ourself a nice peppy playlist with crazy electro music that makes your legs jump around.
    Not to get myself water over my head here, but I also wanna make one more of an 80's electro  playlist. The playlist I started yesterday is on youtube. This is the one.
  2. Tuesday?
  3. Wednesday?
  4. Thursday?
  5. Friday?
  6. Saturday?
  7. Sunday?
A few ideas:
  • Goth style - like necessary items for a goth? Tips and trick to personalize supermarket clothes.
  • Etsy findings - (should this perhaps be part of Goth-style?)
  • Hair and make up - I tell you about a few of my tricks and tips? 
  • Questions - should I have like some kind of answering questions each week? Like 3 every time. If so - any tips on where to post those (remember I don't know all good sites you cool bats do)?
  • My living - I will do like an "Adora's Crib" each week, showing one room at the time (photo/video), or part of a room? Sneak-peaks in my wardrobe or anything else embarrassing...
  •  Weekly Style - also started out real good, then I forgot about it. I liked it lots. Here's one example.
Have any other ideas - or how one of the above should be formulated?
Super thanks for your help.


  1. dessert day! once a week make a dessert and post recipe, photos, etc..:) for those of us who love baking :) just an idea

  2. I totally support the "Adora's Crib". I personally like your posts about how you decorate your house, just like you did when you made the makeover with IKEA stuff in your livng room, and the Christmas time decoration. That were my favorite posts! Please be focus in that ;) Your house must show Adora's creativity as your outfits and makeup does!

  3. And we are all waiting to see an interview to Ronnie done by you :D Would be a nice surprise to know more about him!

  4. Wardrobe Wednesdays (fashion)
    Thursdays à la mode (style)
    Friday Finds (Etsy, house spookies etc)
    Saturday Q & A

    After that, my limited invention failed me >.<

  5. I think the weekly questionnaire is a very good thing to get organised. Where you can answer all those questions you get same of. Collect them in a document from emails and the comments to answer them one and for all. If someone have a question they can read your answer s in your questionnaire posts and not bother you with another email that robs you on precious time. :-)

  6. I think those things you've mentioned is great! I miss the "old pictures of the day" theme though. And to come with a new idea, I think you should have like a crafting day where you teach us how to make cheap and gorgeous jewelry, stuff for your home etc. (:

  7. Oh but don't tell your readers that you are doing this job. Tell them that you hired an assistant to do the heavy stuff, since you are a real UCG. ;-)

  8. Hi! It's nice idea! Don't forget the "old picture of the day" and a interview to your hisband!!! KIsses from ITALY!!!!

  9. I would love the wardrobe point, you could extend that and also write sometimes a shopping tipp or something like that :) and you could combine it with crafting - making bows, or cat ears - i love that!
    i really enjoy your daily outfit of the day / makeup of the day :)

    And the food idea is also great! not just desserts - cause we're all gonna get huge - but also some dinner and stuff like that.

    weekend i would use for lifestyle stuff, like "with kids in zoo" etc.

  10. I would like to see something like this
    "Goth style - like necessary items for a goth? Tips and trick to personalize supermarket clothes."
    I´m a "DIY-Head" and I need some new Inspiration from time to time. And so your style is. And I´m sure you have some pretty nice ideas how i could get some more cool Clothes than I already have^^
    That would be really nice. Thank you :)

  11. the question and awnser and the goth style are really good sugestions :D i love the ideia!!!

  12. goth tips and tricks pleaseeeeeee <3 <3

  13. Jag tycker det skulle vara kul att se bilder på ditt hem. Du kan visa foton på hur du bor och även visa upp nya saker du köper.

    Kanske recept på saker du bakar?

    Definitivt tips på gotisk shopping.

  14. I think some item reviews would be fun -you could post them on your youtube channel- some ideas would include books, crafting items, makeup, food, really the possibilities are endless!
    I would also love some modelling tips and tricks, or even stories. Now that I think about it a story telling day would be great! You could tell us stories about your life, modelling, or even your favorite fairy tales! Folk tales would also rock so hard!

  15. I think that maybe goth-style and maybe a day for cooking or baking recipies.
    Maybe in the supermarket clothes section you could put some "make your Fretex buy look fabulous"? (Do you have Fretex in Sweeden? It's the name of Goodwill stores in Norway.)
    And the Q&A ones would be wonderful=D

  16. Personally, I think that the idea of 'Weekly Style' was fangtastic and I really regretted that you forgot about that. You have great taste and it is nice to see some of your style icons. Anadin Brothers, Morticia, Shakespeare Sisters, Nina Hagen, Boy George... Some of them are widely known, some are not so mainstream.
    Other thing that I find very interesting is history and meaning of your tattoos. You wrote about some of them but I want you to reveal us more secrets.
    Of course, you cannot forget about 'old picture from the past'- some of them are so unique and special. I really enjoyed those photographies.
    I would be also nice to hear your voice from time to time- I don't like to read about: "how to put your make up on" but it would be great if you decided to upload some video tutorials showing us how to make your sophisticated updos or ornamental make up. But I can realize how tiring is fixing videos (especially for such a pedantic person like you!), so I'll totally understand if you decide not to follow that idea.
    'Music Mondays' are just fine.
    It would be also nice to read about your thoughts and inspirations that are not.. um... 'visible'. I mean, some books that impressed you and gave you some ideas, music themes or dreams (or nightmares) that had impact on you and your taste.
    But, above all, I have one, big request- please, don't forget about your casual entries which are very interesting. I really enjoy the fact that you are writing about your parental meetings, birthdays of your children, minor accidents, suspicious neighbors, cat stories and stuff like that.

    Thank you for your attention,

  17. Fashion Friday for goth fashion and makeup. It would be wonderful

  18. Goth style - Tips and trick to personalize supermarket clothes.
    That would be awesome! As the poor little student I am, I would love to see how to spice up ordinary clothes! :D

    Etsy findings
    Super-cool, I love Etsy but its sooooo big!

    Hair and make up - I tell you about a few of my tricks and tips
    I am really looking forward to that. First time I saw you on youtube and you were the only Goth-Girl with Style. Unfortunatelly the Lace-Make-up Video can´t be seen in Germany anymore *sniff*

    Like 3 every time.
    Thats enough, with a good selection it will turn out great for everyone :)

    My living
    You can turn it into kind of a Lifestyle-Rubrique.
    Your rooms, kids, cats, wardrobe, desserts (so yummi!) and maybe more tips for montignac!

    Weekly Style
    Please, I really missed that! <3

    Thanks for yout time, it is always a pleasure reading you blog

    Kissings from Germany

  19. like those lots!!! :D i can't wait to red your tricks to personalize supermarket clothes ahahah the only one thing i would like to add is: please please please make your images bigger!!! >.< thank you!!!! :D much love