Sunday, September 2, 2012

M'era Luna 2012 - Day 1

At this years M'era Luna electro/goth festival there was not as many pictures taken at the hostel as usual :(
I have to provide the ones I've got. I really should have documented my make up and clothing a bit better *darn*

This is the best of my make up I could find, and it's not even that good:
It's more or less my ordinary make up, but with just a small dab of the rouge instead of the whole jar that I usually have. But with the black sclera lenses and the white Kanekalon hair it works very well I think.
I still look like a sweet cow though instead of a devils demon that I hoped for. How is that?!
I've seen lots of people wearing black sclera lenses and they all looked scary and demon-like.
Just my luck to look sweet and nice! Crap!


  1. It's because you're actually a sweet, nice lady. ;o)

  2. well, it looks sweet, but spooky too, don't worry :D

  3. how do you do your hair with the kanekalon? its so pretty :)


    This is me wearing black lenses for last years Halloween. If you look like a sweet cow, then I must look like the most innocent cow ever! ^^ You're not the only one not looking like a demon : /