Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Today's Goth make up and outfit

Started the day with a meeting about my company and grabbed a banana for the walk there.

I went for a sweet lace top I got from my lovely sister last Christmas. I wear it backwards to show some cleavage :)

The bat necklace is made by Syntheticdoll and the choker is made by Pinkabsinthe. Both on etsy.

As I got home I felt a fever coming on so I hit the sofa and fell asleep. Only seconds after Porsche came and cuddled his way next to me, with his furry, little head on my lips!

I hate when school starts and the kids brings home lots of evil bacterias. My throat is so sore I almost can't speak and a slight fever makes me feel so off. :(


  1. Åh snyggt o smart att vända toppen bak o fram!

    Krya-kramar <3

  2. I absolutly love your top and how it shows just enough. :D
    And heheh you're lucky, cats are good cuddlers when we're sick, with their warmth and they fluffage and their purrs. ^^
    Get well soon!

  3. This would be nice on you!

  4. Min smarta irakiska vän gav mig förkylningstipset att skära upp lite lök, droppa honung på och vänta en stund tills det blir en vätska blandat av löken och honungen och äta den. Inte så gott men tydligen effektivt :) Annars brukar absinthe ta kol på alla otäcka förkylningsbakterier.

  5. Lace shirt from H&M?I have got the same^^