Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Halloween make up and Adora pregnant pictures

2006 we were invited to a small Halloween cake party.
Since I have always painted something on my belly a couple of days before I think it's time for delivery this came in handy.
The BIG belly made a perfect pumpkin :)
Little prince TeeBee inside was born 3'd of November 2006, 2 days after the picture was made.
I had gained 22 kilos on this picture!! Whoa! Some scary Halloween!

It's not easy painting on your belly without a mirror and the belly so huge you can't see beneath the "waist".
This is what I painted on my belly before Synthia was born:
Princess Synthia inside, 2 days before delivery as well. I only gaind 13 kilos since she came 2 months too early weighing only 1,8 kilos. She was born with a catastrophic caesarean section 2 days after this picture was made, on the 9'th of August 2003.

And before Fairlight:
Princess no 2; Fairlight got a pink kitten. She was born 7 days after the picture was made. The 11'th of April 2005. I gained 20 kilos with her.

It's truely a wonder I got back to my skinny self watching these pictures - but I did!
And you know I did it using the Montignac Method only (and after the breast feeding was done with).


  1. aww these kittens on belly are so cute ^^

  2. You know when I saw this post it inspired me to paint my own massive pregnant belly!
    It's pretty hard to paint it yourself...
    ^that's a link to a picture.

  3. so sweeet I was wondering your pregnant photos ... and ı saw them <3

  4. You look gorgeous pregnant