Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Interview prior to the release of the book "Den Svenska Synthen"

Here'e my translation of the interview made at Zero Magazine as a teaser for the book "Den Svenska Synthen" (The Swedish Electro scene): 
(swedish version at bottom)

I've added my favorite tunes of the bands (youtube link) above so follow link and you will hear some magnificent synth-music!

Ann-Sophie Wimmerstedt (driving spirit, promoter, model and interviewed in "Den svenska synthen")

Do you call yourself a "synthare" and if so why?
- Of course!1984 the grey masses buzz ceased to exist to Depeche Modes' tune "Two Minute Warning", and I went looking for a new clan of black dressed like-minded. "A synthare is an individual who listens to synth music and lives within the subculture" someone smart (probably me) once manifested, and that's exactly how it is. The clothes, hair, make up and the music makes the synthare. I'm proud being a synthare and consider the endeavor to be a good citizen in any subculture futher the individual.
We are not alongside the society, we are just making a more beautiful. Oh, I get all warm in my kohl-pen-drenched heart just hearing the word "synth".

What garnment should every synthare, male or female, definite have in their closet?
- Most importantly is the skinny, back tie. But you must of course wear it with suspender and a white shirt.
Nedless to say a pair of 10 eye steelcaps in the shoe rack and a *Gestapo coat at the vestibule is demanded. Although all real synthare already knows this ...

*Gestapo coat is not an actual Gestapo coat (but totally inspired by one): a double buttoned leather trench coat with a belt. I think all synthare in Sweden's got one. It's just for style, no political agenda.
Herr Flick and Helga from the TV series ´Allo ´Allo
Even Adora BatBrat's got a Gestapo coat (actually I have two) and apparently something from Burger King as well....
Ann-Sophie Wimmerstedt (Eldsjäl, arrangör, modell och intervjuad i ”Den svenska synthen”)

Kallar du dig "synthare" och i så fall varför?
– Självfallet! 1984 upphörde den grå massans sorl för mig till tonerna av Depeche Modes ”Two Minute Warning”, och jag uppsökte en ny klan av svartklädda liktänkare. ”En synthare är en individ som lyssnar på synthmusik samt lever med i subkulturen” har någon smart person (förmodligen jag själv) en gång uttryckt det, och precis så är det. Kläderna, håret, sminket och musiken gör syntharen. Jag är stolt över att vara synthare och anser att strävan att vara en god medborgare inom vilken subkultur som helst främjar personen. Vi står inte utanför samhället, vi skapar bara ett vackrare. Oh, jag blir varm i mitt kajalindränkta hjärta bara jag hör ordet ”synth”.

Vilka plagg bör varje synthare, man som kvinna, absolut ha hemma i garderoben?
– Viktigast av allt är en smal, svart slips. Men man måste förstås ha hängslen och en vit skjorta till den. Självklart krävs även ett par tiohålskängor med stålhätta i skohyllan och en Gestaporock i vestibulen. Fast detta vet ju alla riktiga synthare redan ...


  1. Thank you for posting a translation Adora and congratulations on the piece.

  2. I really like the Word "Synthare". It fits way better to me than "Cyber-Goth". ´Cause i´m not a cyber-goth at all, even if I really like electronic music. I liked to call myself an ebm-stomper, but even that does not fit well, because i hear not only ebm-music. I think "Synthare" fits me better than all the other because I like all kinds of Goth- and Electronic-Music^^

  3. Congrats on your interview! Too bad it's so short, because your answers were really entertaining and funny. You sense of humour is great X3