Saturday, October 20, 2012

Saturday Goth: interior design, folding and swimming

Man,I hate laundry days!
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Obviously I don't do the laundry, but my "job" is to fold and put everything away after. Usually we do it weekdays since they are kind of boring anyway ;) I also remade Fairlight 's room a bit. I hide the lovely red/white wall behind 2 purple curtains to make a big change. The mattress on the floor is our jumping place as well as being used for night guests. We love jumping in there. It's not quite done yet :( Now I'm on my way to a water park again. Kids all excited, me all tired.....


  1. Today was laundry day here im home too. It's a one-person task: me :( I hate it! Specially doing the ironing after...But I like the smell of the laundry detergent I use :)) It's crazy cold here in Portugal, I can asume then Sweden must be a giant fredge! How can u guys go to the waterpark? :D You should keep home doing kannelbullar and then posting here the recipe for those whi wanna finnaly doing them "home style" and stop buying them at IKEA! :( Haha joking :P Kisses Adora!

  2. Jumping place? Wow, I should get one of those too!