Friday, November 16, 2012

I'm still alive!

So sorry, but I have been lost in the world if baking all week.

Apparently I'm celebrating my 40'th birthday on Saturday (well, the one for my friends) .
No need to panic - I'm not 40 until the 5'th of December at 08:26 in the morning. Still part if the 30 age...
But since Christmas soon is upon us I decided in having the party now, and one in January for all the relatives. I will probably celebrate on the actual day as well!

At a weak moment I decided on having a French theme party. What the hell I was thinking about I don't know, but I have been making Petit Fours all week long.
At the picture I'm showing a few of the cake toppers I just made.


  1. Forty...Wow. You really must be a vampire--you still look twentysomething!

  2. The cake toppers are so sweet and classy! How did you make them?

  3. I still can't believe you will turn 40th!!


  4. Oh my Goth, you're 40 and you look adorably great :'D I really look forward for pictures from your French theme party :D Goth luck ^,..,^ <3

  5. the 5th of December ... that is my birthday too yeah ( except I´ll be 19 than )
    Hope you ´ll have great parties

  6. We want pics of the french party!! :D