Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Today's look

Basic Goth wear by Adora BatBrat

Basic Goth wear by Adora BatBrat by adorabatbrat featuring sequin pants
This is what I consider "basic" goth wear. Nothing special, but still okay.
I had 2 meetings at school yesterday with Fairlight's and TeeBee's teachers wearing this.
(Can someone please help me here - is that correct, or should it be TeeBees' instead of TeeBee's or just plain TeeBees?).
I did feel a bit dressed down from the usual me though.

NO, NO, nothing like that! 
They didn't bite their little friends or anything, it was just the ordinary development chat with the teachers. Fairlight improved (she didn't talk as much and actually raised her hand before talking ;) ). The other things she had under control. Made mum proudest - she is so positive, her teacher said :)

TeeBee...well, what can we say about him...
Also very positive, his teacher said, but ants in the pants, talks as much as I do and just wanna have fun all the time.
Makes his homework witout any effort and scored the highest of all kids in the class (waaaay higher) with 61 points out of 62! A brainiac! Just like me ;)


  1. It should be Teebee's teachers. You use the apostrophe for possession because they are her teachers.

    The apostrophe would come after the s in the case of it being plural, if there were multiple Teebees ;) 'all the Teebees' teachers'

    Cute outfit :)

  2. Sorry Irish Phantom Cat but that is not right. you don't use apostrophes at all when you pluralize something. It would be Teebee's Teachers. You cannot pluralize a person place or thing that is a noun you can only assign possession to it. You only add an apostrophe at the end of the S if it is a name that ends in S like James. It would be James' pencil. If no S at the end then it would be Teebee's teachers.

  3. Love the outfit!
    As for the use of the '.
    Easiest way is this (well for me it is the easiest way): Teebee his teacher => 'his' can be shortened to 's, so Teebee's teacher.
    Teebees would be multiple sons you have there :D
    And the Teebees' would only be used as Anonymous described, so when the name already ends with an S, otherwise you would have James's, which is a little weird :D

  4. *blush... facepalm* not sure what I was thinking when I came up with that example :p thanks for clearing it up Anon :)

  5. if there were more TeeBees, it would be TeeBees'. Easily said:

    Sister's car (one sister)
    Sisters' car (more sisters)
    Sisters is just plural. Whether the word car (or teachers in your case)is plural or not is not important.

  6. Ahh! Thank you all for straighten that out - it always annoys me I'm not sure-sure about it.
    I will make a post-it of it and place at the computer :)
    In Sweden we just add an "s" to the name: Adoras, TeeBees...of course it gets my little brain confused!

  7. Who cares? We knew what you were trying to say. English is such a pointlessly complicated language, and it's my primary language.

  8. love the clothes, but most of all the shoes!

  9. I love the outfit. It really suits you.