Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Goth's Christmas tree

It's not a Goth Christmas tree, but a Christmas tree made by a Goth.

I bought it, dressed it and I love it!
(I usually have two Swedish flags on top too, but I haven't found them yet.)

Me and my husband started the tradition that every December day until Christmas we run with the kids through all the rooms wearing red santa hats singing "Nu är det jul här i vårt hus"/"Now it's Christmas here in our house" and when we are done we sit down and light a "tomtebloss"/? before it's goodnight.

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  1. I think the English traslation for "Tomtebloss" is "sparkler firework". But people will understand anyway :-D
    Cute pic of xmasy Porsche!

  2. Hey!
    I know you'r super busy with Christmas and birthday celebrations but I just read this article


    and was very curious to know if you had any thoughts on it. Being a full time mom, amazing human being and proud Sweed, I would like to know if you agree with this guy's opinion of the role of women in Sweden.
    It sounds like BS to me, but I have literally no idea what's in the minds of you crazy vikings up there ;)

  3. Yes the translation would just be sparkler! =)