Sunday, December 23, 2012

Me and Christmas gifts

I went seriously casual today.
Mainly because of lack of time. But still - I managed to get some make up on after all...

Made some pickled herring with sherry and tomato to bring to the Christmas lunch (Swedes celebrate Christmas the 24th of December, and usually eating all the Christmas food about lunch).

Then I went out for some more shopping and the rest of the evening was filled with me, a huge stack of gifts, wrapping paper, ribbons and labels and Scotch tape.
It was fun!

Tomorrow: making the kids clean and proper for Xmas, some more shopping, bit wrapping, hopefully baking and then playing board games with the kids as I relax.
I'll start by sleeping. It's almost 03:00 here now so it is about time...but I had so much fun....!


  1. Wrapping Christmas gifts (or gifts in general)is too much fun! I've been busy myself crafting christmas presents and baking. Casual or not, still lovely as ever Adora! Happy Christmas! Wesołych Świąt, Buon Natale. <3

    Tons of Love Bites,

  2. we celebrate Christmas the 24th of December too in portugal

    merry xmas!

    p.s: you look better on your casual days than me on my fully dressed up days!

  3. In Hungary we have a holiday called Saint's Eve on 24 of december, then two days of Christmas on 25 and on 26 - so we have 3 days of relaxing and eating great food :)

    1. We have three days in Sweden too!:)