Saturday, December 15, 2012

Synthia to party

Our oldest child, Synthia, is at a birthday party this evening.
On the invitation it said the prettiest hair would win something and Synthia wanted to have a chance at the winning. I so hope she wins!
It would mean so much to her.

As you can see she felt very pretty <3
She looks like a mini-Adora without her glasses, don't you think?
With her glasses on she's a spitting image of her grandma as a kid (and she was so cute).

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  1. With no glasses she is a little clone of you.

  2. Omg yes, she looks just like you!

  3. I can't believe how much darling Synthia has grown! She's just pretty as her mommy! I bet she will looks just as beautiful when grown up! I love her hair and crongratulations sweet Synthia for winning best hairdo. <3
    Tons of Love Bites,

  4. Simply beautiful! She looks just like you ♥