Thursday, December 27, 2012

Today's Goth make up

Since I have a special kind of life, I also celebrate Christmas in a special kind of way; 3 times.

Today it was time for Christmas at my dad and extra mom's house.
Me and my baby BatBrat's shares a cheers with you :)

I got a nice pile of gifts. Wihoo, I'd been nice this year too!

I was eager to rip them up just like I would a fresh torso.

Ahh, how I love those fangs of mine!
Yes, total randomness, but I just do!

As you can see I was very pleased with my gifts.
I got some super products for my hair, stockings with crosses, M.A.C. primer amongst others from my pretty sister (who refused to be seen on a picture together with me even though she looked so perfect it almost hurted my eyes), and a big chunk of money *;)* from my dad and extra mom (straight to the tattoo piggy bank) and lots of other great things. Thank you!!


  1. I'm so happy for you. You're looking gorgeous as ever. Love your makeup so much.

  2. Loved the make up!


  3. beautiful! love the fangs, the makeup, jewels and the whole package...stunning :)

  4. Oh my... you are so pretty *.*