Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year to all the pretty Goths!

I made a nice entry for the year 2013 with some fire crackers!
2013 - this must be a year of bad luck...or as a goth person would say; bad luck for you - normals. Best luck for goths.

2013 is the Goth Year! 
Let's all make everyone know it!

I'll drop some of my favorite pictures of me :)
And some wishes I have for 2013.
This I love, because this is how I see myself most of the time - totally happy.

I've decided I'm gonna have loads of moments like this 2013.
I wanna kiss more! I like it!
Be a better sister to my sister.
To call and hang out with her more. When we finally have time to hook up we always end up
with crazy ideas of world domination, UCG jokes and just being pretty together. It's a hoot ;)
After our photo shoot for the catalogue of goth fashion store X-tra-x.
I'm gonna be more exclusive and put some effort to my pretty being.
Hell, I'm worth it! I'll make my 40'th year the best make up year ever!
(I'm skeptical, but I will challenge myself)
As all parents I will aim to be an even better mom this year. I think I did good
2012, but one can always improve! I'll paint more with Fairlight, play more 
board games with Synthia and build more Star Wars Lego with TeeBee.
Of course I'll still be baking and crafting with them.
And I can't say I'd cuddle them more, because we already cuddle so much!
To celebrate my wonderful grandpa Harry on yet another birthday is
something I hope for. He is getting old, and it scares me... He is 90 now 
and will turn 91 on Fairlight's birthday the 11th of April. He's been a BIG 
influence of my life. I got my second name "Harriet" to honour him.
Naturally I will be as disturbed as usually, but hopefully less unconcentrated.
But to be as wierd and have as fun as usual must be prio one!
I like the wacko me, most of all since I never know what I'm gonna do next.
I live in a constant surprise of my own life! Hahaha
...and to hang out more with friends, perhaps go clubbing sometime, and okay, okay - make a video every once in a while...

To all pretty Goths and pretty alternatives

(outside or inside) I wish you an AWESOME

 2013 - The year of the Goth!!!


  1. Let's have us a happy Goth 2013!

    Happy New Year to you too, Adora.
    Those are all great resolutions!

  2. awsome pictures best wishes for 2013 :)
    Ayse :) xoxo

  3. happy new year adora! you are a big inspiration for me!! i hope that this year you continue inspired me <3
    #buuuny :)

  4. To the best goth girl and improve my self in my health to be even healthier and no longer in the hospital! And still stay the eccentric, happy goth that I am! Wishing you and your family Adora a Happy New Year! 2013 will be lots of fun and most definitely the year for pretty Goths!

    Happy New Year!

    Tons of Love Bites,

  5. Beautiful! Let's all us have a great time this year!



  6. Happy New Year for you too! May it be as happy and gorgeous as the last one, or even more!

  7. I feel left out...why no happy new years to the rest of us? I am a big fan but I wouldn't consider myself goth I like the culture but in all honesty I am just a fly peeking in...Why no happy new years for me?? =(

    1. Oh, sorry about that, I didn't mean to leave you out. I was hoping for that most people would fit in under the chategory "...alteratives (outside or inside)". Happy New Year to you too <3

  8. happy new year for you too Adora!!!!

  9. a very goth New Year to all!
    I look forward to seeing more fantastic makeup and outfits from you Adora!

    ~ http://abel-kei.blogspot.com/ ~

  10. Happy Goth New Year Adora!!!:-)

  11. aww happy new year sweetheart!!!You and your sister are so cute ^^

  12. Adora beautiful, really beautiful and unique never change <3<3<3

  13. Hi there, best wishes to you and your family in 2013. I hope you'll always bring joy to your family, friends and to us :) you're pictures are so warm and beautiful. I trully think you are ADORed :D

    *offtopic* I've read you're into Montignac method so maybe you can clear my mind finally: I have his book , in translation i think it would be called, Eating therefore losing weight or something like that and in that book he says honey has 85 GI but on his web page where you can search a specific GI it says 60 GI.
    Thnk you.

    Love from Croatia, Enna.