Tuesday, February 19, 2013

An ordinary Goth Monday

There's no school this week (I'm studying pattern construction) because of holiday.

I realized that my goal to get Goth beach 2013 body of the year actually might happen!

I'm still eating my Montignac low carbohydrates method (kind of) and are doing 100 situps/day to keep my back from pain - and nothing else!
I eat all the time, my brain is happy about that and I don't have to work out (but it is still good for the body so if you can bare, do it) - and still I'm slim. I'm sorry if this sounds like bragging, but I am bit proud :)

Synthia was invited to a birthday party today where the best looking won a price. You think she got it? YES, SHE DID! The other girls voted for her to win. She was so proud since she styled herself (I just did was I was told). She's even wearing her fake septum she bought.

Fairlight's Mauve Kanekalon was done braiding today and then she wanted to be a leopard as she played with a friend. Later she joined another friend to the bathhouse.

TeeBee and I went out on town and bought him a skull shirt. On the way we found a dead pigeon (that's why the sad face) and we prayed for it to have a lovely life in heaven.

What an eventful day. Holiday, my ass! :)
I'm going to school tomorrow even if it's holiday. For real!


  1. Damn, TeeBee is going to break a lot of hearts someday with that cute little face of his!
    It's good to see new posts from you, I understand how school takes up a lot of time and energy.

  2. Omg, your children looks so much like you! I fell in love with Fairlight's hair, looks very good on her!

    Is Synthia having a real septum piercing :O?

  3. awesome!


  4. I love Synthia's look :3 So pretty !!!

  5. Wow your children have grown so much! they're all beautiful and growing as lovely kids. Synthia looks like a mini you, so adorable!


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