Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Friday look

Must have been 2 weeks ago...

I have not dared to say anything, but my left fang broke off 4 weeks ago as I took a bite at a sandwich (?!). I just spitted it out in front of my classmates. Sorry!

I've been so afraid someone would take the chance to attack me since I've been just half a vampire.
But now I'm back and I alerted my class to be careful once more since I've got it back.

Apparently not only garlic and crosses is bad for a vampire - bread is too.


  1. Your teeth are so perfect!

  2. Oh! be careful with the evil sandwiches!
    P.S. Your make up is stunning!!! <3

  3. your makeup is absolutely beautiful (as always, but I especially love this one)

  4. Love the fangs!! What does your husband think, does he like them? :)