Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Anorexic skinny with food - Part 1, teaser

There you have it!


  1. I can't wait!!! Thanks Adora <3 I am already thin/skinny by most people's standards but I want to be skinny like you and I hate exercise and I love myself too much too starve.

  2. I already eat a low GI diet, but the Montignac Method seems much more organized (I need that type of structure). It's really hard to find his books in the US, though! I've tried libraries, regular bookstores, even Amazon. I'd like to see more videos by you about it; it's nice to get the little tips like eating a piece of fruit before a meal to stop the sugar crave later. Thanks, Adora!

  3. I am really looking forward to this series :) I also have one question, how do you manage to keep your hormone levels in healthy range? I eat a balanced diet and I'm healthy and skinny. The only problem i've got is too little hormons (leads to losing period, bones becoming fragile etc). My doctor said it's becouse I haven't got enough fat reserves which produce hormons (i'm around 12-14%). How do you cope with this problem?

  4. Since holidays I'm not any more skinny like before- so this would maybe be my solucion! :)

  5. Does somebody of you know, if Montignac is a good thing for vegetarian people? It seams to be based on lots of meat and fish... can I just leave that away?


  6. Hello,
    I stumbled into your blog by accident, and I have to comment on this video. I've gotten the impression that you are an idol to several young girls, and that's great since you have a nice, quirky personality and you don't appear to take yourself too seriously (a refreshing change in the goth scene IMHO). I think that it is ok to want to look slim or even thin as long as it is healthy. Now, I'm not claiming that I know whether the Montignac method is healthy or not, since I know nothing about it. I'm also not saying that you are encouraging unhealthy habits or eating. I'm just wondering whether it is necessary for you to say that you want to look anorexic. If that's what YOU personally want, go ahead. But please note that anorexia is a serious ilness that can lead to serious health problems and even death. There is nothing worth admiring in anorexia and no one should want to look anorexic or extremely ill. Again, you are free to do as you will, but as a role model to hudreds of teen-aged girls (and boys?) please acknowledge your responsibility and do not portray anorexia or looking anorexic as something one should strive for because there truly is nothing good in looking fatally thin. The Interner is full of pro-ana websites, please do not contribute to this sick phenomenon. It is ok to give tips of how to eat healthily and look thin/slim, but saying that you want to look anorexic may be sending a wrong message to some.
    I know you do not have to take this opinion into consideration at all, but I felt that someone had to say this and bring up this point of view as well.

    An anorexia survivor