Thursday, April 18, 2013

Anorexic skinny with food - Part 1



  1. I'm so happy that you had a chance to make a video promoting another alternative to stay slim or become skinny by healthy eating. Montignac Method is my favorite and I'm so happy that I've been eating according to it, but I had to switch to montignac method since I was very sick one time. So now my tummy, my brain and my immune system are really happy and thank me now, every day! I'm so proud! Thank you for being such a wonderful person and insperation for us darlings who love you.

    Tons of Love Bites,

  2. Applåder!!!
    Du gör ett fantastiskt jobb!

  3. I thought your video was interesting, but I am divided in my opinion towards it.

    I understand that they are a reaction to seeing yourself on 'thinspo' and pro-anorxia blogs, which must have been distressing. I sadly have to agree that those (especially girls) who really want to be very thin will go ahead, regardless of what people tell them, and try and get very thin, and that it is better to eat healthily than to starve oneself. I think pointing out the harm psychologically and in terms of brain health that is caused by self-starvation and other drastic measures is certainly a good thing, and trying to steer people away from anorexia and other eating disorders is CERTAINLY A good thing, but I don't think your video explores the issue fully enough - perhaps Part 2 will elaborate further.

    Anorexia, in my experiences helping friends who have suffered, is a mental illness with broader root causes than simply wanting to attain a shape or weight - the desire for thinness is a manifestation of deeper issues, and anorexia significantly about control and obsessive, unhealthy levels self-control as well as thinness, and I'm not sure how many of the people who are drawn towards that self-destructive path will be swayed away by being able to attain the same results without the deliberate self-denial.

    I do think you could do with mentioning how you appear to be naturally quite thin (like your sister and the rest of your family, who all seem to tend towards a tall-looking and slender build) and how in being very stylish you dress to accentuate your slenderness. I would imagine your active lifestyle pays a part too (you're always busy!).

    Some people, even if they eat a healthy slimming diet, will never have your build, and I do think there should be a frank acknowledgement that some people cannot be as thin as you are healthily because genetics and natural build plays a huge part in that. I guess for many people this is obvious, but perhaps for younger readers it might be an idea to point out that natural build varies.

    Thank-you for acknowledging that not everyone wants to be thin, which certainly is step away from blanket ideals of beauty, and that your slender aesthetic is a personal one, which implies that it is not something to apply to everyone or that everyone ought to adopt, but I think that this could have also been made more explicit. There's still too much sentiment in the world that you absolutely HAVE to be skinny, which I think adds to the unhealthy be-skinny-at-all-costs mentality.

    I am quite tall, and of an athletic rather than slender build. I eat healthily, but I can't get narrower (especially in limb size) without being less muscular, and I quite like being sporty, so that isn't going to happen!

  4. Tyvärr så säger du emot dig själv. Att gå på en diet och vara så smal (ditt bmi är säkerligen under normalt) är inte hälsosamt. Har själv haft anorexi och förstört min kropp och mitt skelett och det är hemskt att se att du rekommenderar en diet för de personer som vill bli smala. Sådant leder oftast till...just det, anorexi.
    Det förstör inte bara hjärnan dessutom, permanenta skador är no fun!

  5. eller så kan man ju alltid kolla sin metaboliska typ och välja ut vad man ska äta efter det C:

  6. Very good advices, Adora! I have thought that I would start eating like this but I love fast food too much :DD

    I'm waiting for your new advices about this method :)

  7. Please write an 1-week diet plan for us b(f)ats ;-)
    I am sure people would even pay for it ;-P

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