Thursday, April 25, 2013

Casual Thursday with blood

I went for blood today since I'm not allowed to wear all black on Thurdays - stupid rule made up by me.
Went to a museum looking like this and the lovely old man who worked there said, as I asked for some brochures; "-Why are you so pretty today? You look wonderful!"
I can't believe how nice people are to me all the time!
Even the lady who worked there said such a nice thing. She wondered what I did to make my face look like porcelain <3 p="">



  1. I´d love to know, how your school mates look like :D

  2. Vad skönt att du får så positiva kommentarer. Det är du värd <3

  3. It's always so amazing to me how extrem people can be. Either so nice or sooo cold...BUt in your case I'm glad they were nice!

  4. it's always great to know that are people who see beauty in different styles! and your makeup looks wonderful!