Wednesday, May 8, 2013

I got a sweet message

I just can't believe how sweet messages I get!

And I wanna thank each and everyone who takes the time to write to me and you are all so cute for the kind words you write about me (although I'm a mopy Goth and know it just ain't true..). Thank you.

I wish I could publish all the wonderful mails and comments I get but then I would have no time left for anything else - that's how wonderful you treat me *heart*

This mail is a great example of the sweet mails I get.
I feel so honored and fuzzy inside, bit tear eyed even, when reading...

Allarnnah IsaMaggot 
First I just want to say,
You are such a huge inspiration to me,
But not in the way you would think,
Not in your style (it is very amazing and unique though)
But in your confidence to do what it is you love and be yourself happily.

When I watch your videos and read somethings you post,
I just feel more and more like not caring about what people think of me
as long as I'm happy with myself,

I love you and your personality and everything !

Keep doing what you''re doing, the world needs more people like you.
I wish you and your family happiness and love forever x
Adora BatBrat feels truly blessed.


  1. Hi Adora,

    Just wondering if you would be interested in guest posts about Corporate Goth and gothic footwear?


  2. Oh, this is so cute! I can understand, that you are very happy about those words... <3

  3. beautiful!

  4. I respect you for having the courage to be who you want to be <3

  5. Hi Adora! I'm a brazilian fan of yours for a long time and I remembered a very ~lack of taste~ brazilian "funk". And since you like Front242 I assumed that I should share my laughter with you by posting this music:
    well, mission complete :)