Monday, January 20, 2014

Goth models having fun

My pretty friend Cajsa Kurayami and I had our first (but not last) shoot together this weekend.
As usual I had trouble to be serious, but Cajsa on the other hand looked like a perfect doll on each and every picture!

As iI posted the pictures and linked them to her offical Facebook (link above) she went from 1100 followers to over 2600 in 2 days :)
I'm so happy many of you also finds her as pretty as I do!

Both me and Cajsa are into the Gothic lifestyle, with electro music as choice (Covenant, VNV Nation, Nitzer Ebb, Front 242....), black make up, bats, Jack Skellington and crosses. 

And just like me she's also UCG (UpperClass Goth); a kind of Goth who takes pride in her detailed make up arts, dress a bit stylish (at least we think so) and LOVES bling!
Rhinestones, tiaras, crowns, sequins, glitter, glitter, glitter :)
These are the pictures I've edited so far, but there are many more from this session that will be shown. We did good! I have many more funny pics to show. 
But the one above and beneath must be the funniest ones still!


  1. You both have beautiful faces nicely decorated with make up skills, but adora, you pull off stockings 100x better

  2. Both of you look awesome. I especially like the contacts.

  3. awesome!

  4. You probably already know, but when I click on your blog I get a message from Blogger asking me if I want to continue to your blog because it might contain adult content.....Are they serious???? Ha ha ha ha ha