Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Police business

Thursday 18'th February I got a call from the police at 10 am.

A very nice police officer told me that the lady next door, 94 (!!!) year old (lets call her-) Greta, had lost her marbles and reported us to the police because she's gone delusional and gotten the idea that me and my husband is bugging her flat and tapping her phone and mobilephone!?

The police was very nice to me and said he understand this is an unhappy situation for us. He told that Greta got this idea after there had been some drilling in the building a year ago, and was sure we drilled a hole to her apartment to bug her. She's been so afraid that she no longer have a phone, and when she is to talk in her mobile she takes the elevator to the garage. She's gotten so afraid lately that she is thinking about killing herself because she's so distressed about this.
I told him he was welcome to our flat to check our walls together with Greta if she wanted.
But people who's gotten this idea often just think I've had the time to "hide" the holes... I just can't win!

Tomorrow I will write the follow up...


  1. awh , i hope it doesnt cause you too much stress!
    I hate when such things happen

  2. well....the lady is 94!! so i guess you can understand :)... just some typical problems with the kneighbor's ^_^

  3. "She's gotten so afraid lately that she is thinking about killing herself"....Hahahahahahahaha!! xD This can´t be true! She is, for sure, a very crazy old lady! : P Can´t wait for the follow up! : ) Kisses to you, Adora!

  4. aww, my boyfriend's father is having some similar problems... his neighbour ( i don't know her name) is also calling the police now and then to report him... namely, she told the police that he stole her wallet, that he is making holes in her roof and then refill them again... crazy!

  5. this lady was crazy...
    i m very sure...