Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Police business #3

Tuesday 18'th February at 15.30.
I was out to get the kids from school and daycare when the police made a housecall.
My husband, home early because he was sick, opened the door. The policeman said he's been to Greta's and promised her to look in our apartment to see if there was any bugging gear in here. Of cause there wasn't, and he did not believe he would ever find any, but he made a promise. He got back to Greta, told her he didn't find any. "They have of cause hidden it", she said.

The police asked if it was anything to do with the way we looked? But she thought we looked like everyone else (?!). AND - the one she thought bugged her was my husband! She's gotten to her head he was at home all day just to listen to her (note: he works Mo-Fri as a test manager). I'm guessing the policeman had trouble not to laugh at her face..
"-Why would he have any interest to listen to a 94 year old woman?" police said.
"-Yes, I was wondering the same thing?!" she replied.
"-There must be at least 25 000 more interesting people he'd rather listen to, don't you think?"
"-I why is he listening to me?"

There will be more.. this Greta-story is far from over...

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  1. wow... this is absolutely crazy. AGHH! the old woman has gone psyco LOL