Friday, April 16, 2010

Montignac diet

Many people reacted about my Montignac diet.
To tell off the ones saying I'm anorexic - let me explaine:
Many years ago I ate lots of crisps and a bit too much sugar (like in pie/tarts/desserts. Never been a big fan of candy or ice cream), but still homely cooking.

By cutting out the sugar and most of the fast carbohydrates you get headache and feel tired - it's an abstinence result from my body wanting the drug: sugar (also carbohydrates transforms to glucose/blood sugar).

I then developed a painfun gastric catarrh, and was advised to change diet since I ate too much fat.

I started the Montignac diet about 10 years ago and it solved my problem and still let me eat as much as I like without causing me tummy problems. Around friends I'm known to eat humungous amounts of food (but I also poo a lot)! I know it's hard to believe, but according to studies fat people tend to eat less then 3 meals a day - I eat 6.

1. Montignac diet is a lifestyle, not a crash diet.
2. I hate complicated diets. Now I change the potatoes for broccoli and that's it.
3. By eating 6 times a day I never get hungry to the point I'd eat anything in reach.

I have been eating "non-Montignac" - a bit too much cookies and crisps lately (the easter holiday...), so I have not only gained a little weight (about 1½ kilo) but also my gastric problems are occurring again. And instead of eating medine I change my way of eating to a better way. Well, I have to start off by eating a few tabletts to help little tummy get started. Changing diet is to decrease, instead of increase, the gastric problem.

Situps is a must for me since I suffer from backproblems as most tall people, and that my pregnancys killed what was left of it. 100 a day, a few back work outs and a movement to lift the butt (THIS is only for looks - I AM 37 you know....)

I hope "Anonoymous" gets a better picture of me now.
But sure - I like to LOOK anorexic, but being is not healthy - so yes, I hope people who likes to be skinny takes after me and eat healthy, lots and still gets skinny. I think that is a much better idea then to eat orange-jucie dipped cotton to swallow, to make your tummy feel full so you can stop the hunger, as I know many high fashion models do. What those stupid girls don't know is that you have to surgically remove the cotton later. My broccoli, meat and cream sauce goes out the normal way.

I will explain more about the Montignac diet later.
But I like when people are critic and not just accepting, so I welcome those anonymous :)


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  2. Okay nice to see that you like critics too, because I see lots and lots of ass licking here. I mean, I understand that people like you a lot, I also do I think you are a very funny person but I didn't thought you would accept critics so easily..being used to get compliments :P Also, I understand that you like extreme thiness...but since you are famous and since many teenagers follow you it may be dangererous when we look at a picture of you on which you are perfectly skinny and on which you wrote: Ahhh I was soo fat. Most of you followers are ''more fat'' than you it may offend some of them and push them too fat, you know that most girls are obsessed with that.... Also, I know that it's not because you're famour that you absolutely have to be THE ROLE MODEL, but as a mother and the inspiration on many teenagers I think you accepted to inspire people so just be careful, maybe you are mentally healthy but we teens are often very fragile :P

  3. Push them too far*** ahah what a stupid mistake

  4. I just want to say that I like so much your blog and thanks for the tips and everything:)

  5. thank you for all the informations on montignac 'diet'!!! I have already been browsing the official site, but it still helps to hear more from people who are on m. diet already. hope you can provide us with some more info later.

  6. @ anonymous
    I am a teenager and I am on the heavy side but not fat and I am not going to freak out an be anorexic, don't think that all teenagers go and be anorecic becasue they see a skinny girl.

    ifd there are speeling mistake s not mmy falut english was my second lanuga eeven though i live in CANAda.

  7. Dear Adora, I love your blog and all his followers from the internet know what kind of image you pass to us all: beauty allied health (we know who we are with you and we had lots of evidence of that).
    And who cheated on his respect is certainly someone who does not know his way to take care of the body, and must seek to learn more.
    Kisses and thanks for always giving a good example to their fans ...

  8. can i just say, i absolutely LOVE the fact that your open about your bowl movements! alot of people would say "ewww gross adora!" but i find it very humanizing :) how are you at burping? lol

  9. I also suffer from stomach problems,
    I find myself getting acid reflux a lot and bad stomach pains.
    I really want to try to do the montingac diet because I think it will help. I'm looking forward to seeing you post more about this diet.

  10. Adora is a model, so she need to be skinny. And she is doing it HEALTHY. Montignac is not this type of diet when you eat very very little. I dont see anything wrong on being skinny. Some people have it from nature(and i envy them)and some need to work. Till you are not anorexic, i think its ok. But if you just LOOK anorexic, but eat healthy, i dont see anything bad in it. By the way, how does this "anorexic" body looks like? Adora isnt going to be walking skeleton, she just want to loose three or two kg? I think i red it here, but it doesnt matter, she just want to be skinnier. Its not like she is not now, she is very pretty skinny woman. I dont think she should change her mind on getting skinnier, just because some teenage girls that are freaking about anorexia. Adora cant help anorexic girls, maybe if she would build some hospital or so. If you have a serious anorexia, you need medical help. And if you are just trying to have it, you need slap in the face. But in those days, there are so many fat people, so i think Adora is a nice thinspo though :D So dont be lazy, and go move you asses;) Sorry for such a long comment,and spelling mistakes, english isnt my mother language:)

  11. Let me say something from someone who has suffered and still suffers mentally from Anorexia Nervosa.

    Anorexia is a mental disease you cannot just look at someone who is thin like Adora and say "I'm going to be Anorexic." It doesn't work that way, I've had this since I was a child. Honestly, I find her inspiring because she is skinny but she is doing it the right way.

    It's something I am trying to currently do because of the unhealthy lifestyle I've lived from this disease. I'm trying to recover from this horror and this way of eating really helps because one of my many fears is being overweight. Anyway, thank you Adora for posting things about this way of eating because it is helping me get better.

    I didn't mean to get into a whole rant about it, I just thought I should say something.

  12. Thank you for posting this. Many people accuse me of being anorexic too for being so skinny my bones stick out, but all I can say to them is that I have a high metabolism, and what precious fat I have in my body is what helps keep me alive.

  13. I can't believe you're 37! I thought you were like.. 25!