Monday, April 26, 2010

Montignac Diet

As I'm sitting here eating brie, blue cheeze and finn crisp I came to think about the "safe" evening snacks at Phase 1.

What you always needs to have at home while in the first phase is >70% chocolate. Since you cut out all the sugar and sweetening you 'll need something if you get a craving - just a small piece though...

At evenings if I'm in the mood for something to eat, more luxurious, here's some tips:
* different cheese (brie, white/blue cheese) and finn crisp (or other fiber cracker with no sweetening)
* whipped cream, fresh berrys (straw-, rasp-, blue-berries) perhaps with some >70% chocolate splinter
* sliced apple with cinnamon in the micro until warm and mushy, served with lightly whipped cream and chopped almonds
* fruit salad (apple, pear, orange), whipped cream
* a handfull of nuts


  1. Hi Adora,

    How long do you make a diet?
    you are very pretty and skinny.

  2. cool diet.try any red fish with corn and tomattos and cucumber

  3. Är det här samma diet som LCHF? Tack för tipsen, ska testa detta när sötsuget tar tag. Förresten så är du hur awesome som helst :)

  4. Hi Adora, is it true that in Montignac diet you can NOT eat fruits in the evening as a snack?