Sunday, May 9, 2010


This morning I thought I had it figured out - how to program the sheets for the exhibit.
But then I forgot how I did it - WTF?! Rest of the day was spent to try to remember. But, nah...

I felt so stupid!
After like 67 trial and errors I found a working way - but there's no way in hell this is the "fight" way - it's to complicated.

The papersheets are to be 90 x 150 centimeters, 200 dpi.
The area of the text is 50 x 142 centimeters
The text is Arial, size 47.
The text must be tabbed, so I made it in Words, even though I can't get the sheet as big as I need. That didn't work, so I pasted it in Power Point instead, and tried as good as I could to tab it.. Then saved it to a pdf, opened it in Photoshop and copied. That works. Takes some time, but can be done.
But this can't be the easiest way???
If there is any computer wiz out there - HELP ME!!!

1 comment:

  1. you can do it this way:
    open the program
    file-> new
    in the little window you'll see:
    name: untitled1
    then a lot of size options (international paper, USA paper, etc)
    then width and height, you see you can change them and the sizing system you like (inch, cm, etc).
    There you go!!
    Do it as big as you want and save it as PDF to print it.