Monday, May 10, 2010


I noticed a lump on my throat, behind my left ear a week ago.
Today I noticed another - on my neck.
And also I got some really strange stomach pain yesterday.

I sure hope it's just stress related because of the exhibit.
I don't have the time to see a doctor yet.

As seen we started setting the exhibit today and my friend thought I should be in one showcase....
(Sorry about my blue muffin socks - we had washday today)


  1. adora this package may be a qprovienen infection of the ear infection caused by a perforation (aryl)

  2. adora this package may be a qprovienen infection of the ear infection caused by a perforation (aryl)

  3. I always enjoy your picture-of-the-day! Looks funny :) (and I like the socks^^)
    Best wishes for your health!!

  4. I hope this is stress related too :O I hope you get better soon and that it is nothing serious!!! Love ya lots ^^ xx

  5. that sounds worrying hun! you should definetly try to take it easy or go to the doctor, your health is the most important! hope u feel better soon :) xx


  6. You should better visit a doctor, what you've noticed doesn't look like something common...
    Hope you get better soon!!

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  8. I agree. I think you should take off a day, calm down and if it gets worse you should see a doctor. I'm sure this is a the kind of excuse where you could take off a day! When it comes down to your health and wellness, work isn't as important.
    Hope you feel better soon,
    Ravenz In Wonderland

  9. Det är svullna lymfkörtlar om jag inte är helt ute å cyklar, jag fick precis så när jag hade körtelfeber. Hoppas det blir bättre! :*

  10. Hi im sophie a little lolita who stumbled upon your blog. I love it its always so inspiring to see women being themselves and so completely doing so. I used to love cyber goth when I was little but then got more into lolita... annnnnny who you seem really cool im going to love following your blog! ps I love your hair <3

  11. don't worry... it will be gone with the stress... got that bumps too (I'm all nervous most of the time)