Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Vince Festival

I'm so happy about a "secret" I'm gonna announce on stage on Saturday!

And then I'm totally stressed out about my own performance. We only sing 5 songs, but I have an extreme short memory (for real, it's a BIG problem for me since I never remember people or names. I'm always so scared I'll offend someone), so it's awful for me to remember the texts. I think I have to Scotch some notes on the floor.


  1. maybe just recording your lyrics spoken for example on your cellphone or any other recording tool helps?
    and then listen to them over and over again,
    that method always helps me when i'm studying...
    good luck and i hope your daughter feels better soon!

  2. taping it to the ground actually isn't a bad idea. With plays people do it all the time, and your the only one thats going to see... Just casually look down and read the next line. You should have it double spaced, too.