Friday, June 4, 2010

Vince Festival

I have absoulutely NO idea how to do my make up on stage tomorrow!? Perhaps my sister have some great idea?
I feel like I wanna look kind of NOT so much things in the face, no swirls or spiderweb, just "ordinary" goth make up. But later, after our gig, I want to "Adora" me. That might sound strange cause most people will most certanly have an extended version of themselves on stage, but I want to do it reversed for some strange reason. Maybe my sister can whip it out of me.


  1. It's your first stage performance, your audience needs to get a really good preview of "Adora", or else what makes you different to any other goth? Perhaps just do "ordinary" goth makeup at other times, but for the first performance I reckon you really need to show your audience what you're all about.

    GOOD LUCK!! :)

  2. I have to agree with maggot on this. You are the one going up on stage, and you are going to be great, but let us see you for what we know you as. That special BatBrat Goth brand you bring is unique, and gives the audience a feel for you.

  3. I think black lips and sparkles( eyes, undereyes, lips, anywhere) will do the trick. I agree, you want to have a great first apperence, and your faces are one of the biggest parts of this band. Purple lips may look stage Goth, too. Don't over do it and don't under do it. I'm sure you'll find the right thing! Good Luck!