Friday, July 16, 2010

This is so crazy - I stopped eating my 22:00 snack 2 days ago and already it payed off! I can't believe it - but I lost 1 kilo in just 2 days! This makes me wonder what the hell I ate before???
I changed nothing but that last meal. So dinner at 16:00 and then something small at 18:00 and then stop. And believe me, I do NOT go to bed hungry. I'm guessing I will not loose weight in that same rate now, but that's good, you should never loose weight too fast. AND never diet, just change to better eating (like the Montignac method). And I can also say that my ulcer seems gone :) Wohooo!


  1. wow! so what time do you go to bed? I usually have dinner about 22.00...Is that bad O_O?

  2. That's great and I'm glad your ulcer is gone! It's amazing how changing one small thing can effect one's body.

  3. Im spanish, and i dont o to bed before 12:00 .. i dinner at 10:00 aprox., what time do you go to bed? and how many meals have you got at one day?