Sunday, July 18, 2010

Weight loss

Okay, so - 1 kilo in 2 days, 200 grams the next one and 400 grams the next one again (today).

I still eat the same breakfast (20 minutes before breakfast: 1/4 Fuji apple.) Whole wheat puffs with fat milk and cinnamon, or scrambled egges with bacon, or fiber bread with philadelphia and ham and cucumber - as much as I want on all meals (VERY IMPORTANT). And always 3 dl water), and then a fruit or tea and a crispbread with something on at 9.30, then lunch at 11.30 -the days fattest meal, fat and fibres for me; veggies, eggs, meat, fish, fat cream...
Then something at 14:00; a fruit or crispbread. Dinner at 16.30 with "no fat": meat/fish, and lots of veggies.
And at 18 I eat something small too.
Before this decision to get back in weight (I can't wear half my wardrobe!) I also ate at 22 - often crisp bread with brie. Now I've moved my brie to the 18 o'clock meal instead, and my "extra kilos" just falls off by itself :)
Also I suffered from my ulcer before and that made me hungry all the time thus the extra weight.

Monticnac Method

And yes, I know that to most people I already look skinny, and I think I am too. BUT I like to look anorexic without being it (who want's to kill the brain?).

One fat lady to another: "Look at that ugly skinny bitch over there."
Other fat lady: "Yes, being that skinny is really ugly."
First fat lady: "..I wish I was that ugly...."
Other fat lady: "Me too."


  1. Oh my, you really do look really skinny! :o But it's nice to hear that you are keeping a good care of your body. :)
    Btw, you are one of my favorite alternative models. :3 You're so cute in your videos.
    Keep on rockin' babe. <3

  2. Adora, you've inspired me to start this diet, what it's essentially doing is speeding up your metabolism. Eep I'm starting it tomorrow!

  3. You inspired me to start this diet :) I've been losing weight ever since, but healthy amounts. Thank you so much!

  4. i want to follow that diet too but i never understood the montignac method >.<

  5. i want to follow that diet too but i never understood the montignac method >.<

  6. I love your style! <3
    What shoes are you wearing to this outfit?


  7. hi old dora RAT bat,keep ur DIEt.,i hope u'll reach skeleton level fast!Luck there ;)

  8. ^^^This person probably wishes they were an "ugly skinny bitch" like you. Perhaps your two fat ladies joke is too real! ;)

  9. To the Oldora's asshole -licker from above: I'm a man you bitch.And I'm naturally skinny without starving.I prefer be just NATURAL.You are just a looser who worship this "kind of live skeleton" and awfully poser as hell. Goth is NOT to be skinny, is listening true dark music and don't care about your look. Learn some more before talking about me. And have personality too, not worshiping this old skinny woman. Bye.

  10. sanna from FinlandJuly 22, 2010 at 7:44 PM

    hi! I was just wondering if u have ever counted ur calories? what is ur daily calorie intake? :)

  11. I only have one problem with your blog.
    The fact that you keep saying that you like to look anorexic without being it. I really don't think you are anorexic. But it's a huge difference between saying that you like to be skinny and that you like to look anorexic.
    Anorexia is a serious deadly disease and it is not pretty.
    I don't think you would like too look like this:
    But I myself think it's pretty to be skinny, and I think you are very pretty. I just disagre with your choice of words.

  12. That Fat-Ladies joke is so f*cking true, hun.. Do you know the mind of Karl Lagerfeld? In his opinion are the fat houswives just jealous, 'cause we're skinny bitches & they're not.. And that's so true.. But they don't want to understand this, of course!

    Ur beautiful, Adora.. You're definitely my idol & thinspiration. I'm trying out this diet, too. (:

    Greetings from Germany. ;**