Thursday, August 5, 2010

Packing for Germany and a weekend of electro music at M'era Luna festival. Be back on Monday at 19:00.
For the ones who'll be there - I hope we meet!!!


  1. When oh when are you bringing your "adora"-ble self to the US????

  2. saw your sister and her boyfriendt...they didn´t look verry happy.
    dosen´t seem to have fun!

  3. It was lovely meeting you there! :)
    I have a wonderful photo of you and Sara when the umbrella folded over on day one xD

  4. Ravenz In WonderlandAugust 12, 2010 at 10:31 AM

    Hi Adore,
    This is Ravenz In Wonderland. Sorry I didn't have a chance to say bye, but we couldn't find you again. But we hung out with your husbands best friend ( my mom says he's very funny and cute!) and he introduced us to Colony 5. They were so nice and gave me an autograph. You were right about Amsterdam, it was so dirty, I'm still washing my eyes out. The things I saw shouldn't be seen by a 12 year old! Going home now,

  5. Hi Ravenz/Scout (did I remember right?)!
    Me too - I was looking for you and wanted to say goodbye. I have my Brooklyn top on right now - it fitted perfectly. Thank you again <3 Unfortunally I have no make up on, otherwise I'd take a pic.
    Yes, all the men were a bit love stuck by your mum - she looks fantastic! I'm so glad you go to meet Colony 5! They are very good, and super nice.
    Haw haw, yes, I can imagine about Amsterdam!
    Do you have a facebook or somewhere else I can get in touch? Lots of love,

    @Valerie: Oh, please tell me when you put it up somewhere - I really want to see!!

    @Anonymous: My sister got an eyeinfection the first day and almost couldn't see, and her bf too, so they were a bit lost I suppose.. But I assure you they had fun :)

  6. Adora - I put it up in an entry of my own blog - here's the link: ^^