Thursday, August 12, 2010

Day 1 at M'era Luna (taken from the web)

Rubber collar with matching cuffs made by my friend Thistle from the band Mergel Kratzer
(the latex "Blümchensex" over it was given by the girl Le Misanthrope underneath and is not attached originally)

Day 2 at M'era Luna
I'm eating my sisters bf Mattias's hair

Meeting up with Efrat.
Notice the bat over my head - it's attached to my crown <3

Meeting the gorgeous Le Misanthrope again.


  1. I saw you last year at M'era Luna from a distance and I loved your Look but you'r Outtfits for this year are absolut stunning. Unfortunately I could not visit the Festival this year...

  2. You look pregnant in the last photo

  3. @ Anonymous: I thought so too...perhaps I am ^^

  4. Saw you Saturday!! Can only say, great great great!!

    You and your sister, you looked fantastic!! I saw you @Xtrax, really wow!!!

    I would be happy if I could get my hair the way you can do them. Unfortunately mine are shorter and I had to "extend" them with dreads and put them in two high braids.

    Greetz from Sarah in Germany

  5. wow, vilket läckert hår den rödhåriga donnan har - nu blev jag återigen sugen! :D

  6. your second look is so cute! your hair is amazing!

  7. hey Adora,
    I'm so glad you liked the top. Your pictures came out amazing for all the people that weren't there to see it. Another way you can contact me is on my You-tube account, Ravenz In Wonderland, but that's it because my parents won't let me post pictures or videos of myself or anything that has to do with me on the internet. Ha ha, strict, much?
    Finally back in Brooklyn,

  8. Just to clear things up - I'm NOT pregnant!! I just looked like that on the last picture.

  9. That looks like so much fun! :D

    Those deer horn are really amazing too, I've always wanted to find a pair like that! lol did you make them yourself..?


  10. Your second look is so amazing.I love your style.I'm make-up artist too.I make some videos on you-tube.If you want see-ScorpiaBikeGirl.But there while only one at this moment.

  11. And where is Cienwen Noor? I want to see her!!!!

  12. You look great . You should post more photos and vids with you sharing tips on make-up and fashion ....and maybe about your way of thinking things

  13. I love Le Misanthrope's looks, but I can't help but be a little amused by her name, as it's the male variant :p
    Anyway, you looked gorgeous, like you do :)

  14. Iva Insane is A LUCKY Lady...