Saturday, August 14, 2010

Todays reenactment of the 18'th century. Well, for me, as being a vampire and all, I have already lived this century, but it was nice to do it again ;) These clothes always makes me feel so happy, but I think it's about time to make a new dress and a new wig though. If only the day had 48 hours instead of 24...

...I didn't have the watch on earlier of cause..


  1. Vad fin du är! Var du nere på Sailet?

  2. Hey. I think you look great here! I love it when you have your eyebrows like this. :) Is making a wig difficult? I watched a program where these people were pulling hair through each little hole strand by strand :S
    Have a FANGtastic day (cheesey much) Georgia xxx

  3. Your look is very cool.You look like Marie Antoinette.Do you have more photos?

  4. You look gorgeous. So wierd seeing you all victorian! Very lovely! You can just pick up any style!

    Miss Dee Canada

  5. Wow, thats an amazing outfit, Adora. The wig is beautiful and I think the necklace brings it all together. If you didn't mention the watch I probablywouldn't have noticed it. I wish I had a dress like that...