Sunday, October 17, 2010

Chocolate by me

Today I've been at a birthday party for my sister and my step-mum. I made them both some chocolate truffles to go with their gifts.
Jenny's chocolate (I made the box too).
Berith's chocolate
The both to the left are milk-chocolate with rum covered in dark chocolate or brown sugar, and the both to the right are dark espresso chocolate covered in milk chocolate or cacao.


  1. awww! How "sweet" of you! lol

  2. That looks sooo sweet and delicious! <3 I would love to get those truffles :)

  3. Åhh dom smakade helt super duper gott!!!

  4. Why don't you make makeup videos more often? I've been looking at the same videos forever now,
    And I think there's more then me who think that! :) <33