Saturday, October 16, 2010

Me, moping

My husband is working far, faaaaar away in the weekdays (7 hours from home) and I can tell you, this happy goth that I am is turning into a crappy goth! I, who always see the positive in life, is now moping and complayning like a true goth. I don't wanna be a bitter, mumbling goth who feels society failed me. I want my happy goth me back!! Well, I'm not there yet, I'm still a happy bastard! Can I even be bitter and moping? Hope I'll never find that one out :)
Me, moping.


  1. well you still look cute! and everyone has their bitter times I do have them too and they suck i know lol take care!
    greetings from TEXAS usa!!!!

  2. Hey, I think just because you are moping a bit, and that for a good reason, won´t change you as a person!
    I think it´s part of life to be unhappy sometimes, and that´s ok as long as it doesn´t get too much...
    and I agree with MissDayLopes, you still look cute :)
    greetings from germany

  3. man kan klarar mycket i kärlekens namn <3

  4. Oooh, i really like your hair colour!!
    Kisses from Spain! =)

  5. Anyway, you still look cute. It's normal to feel sad when someone you love is far away from you. Cheer up, it won't last forever and soon he'll be back ^^

  6. Det är aldrig kul när man måste vara långt borta från den man älskar hela veckorna. Jag förstår hur du känner dig, min pojkvän (mitt livs kärlek) studerar på annan ort och vi kan bara träffas varannan helg.

    Det jag försöker göra är att göra är att utnyttja all den tid vi inte kan vara tillsammans till att studera och vara kreativ så mycket som jag hinner. Jag tror nog att det är en bra lösning för dig också, försök jaga bort ensamheten med kreativitet :)

  7. I am Brazilian, owner of the Blog
    and I loved your blog, you have a style that pleases me very much! I saw her children in another post, they're beautiful, you look like a happy family!
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    XOXO and God be with you!

  8. "moping and complayning like a true goth"
    True Goths never mope !!