Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Chocolate loving people

(I have been teaching a chocolate course on the evenings)
I just got back from my last chocolate course.
Aww, they were just too cute! I'm in total bliss! They said such nice words about me and gave me a flower, and I even got this years mulled whine/glühwein/glögg from two of them (that's something special here in Sweden, it's something we all look foward to; to taste the new flavour of the year. It's a big happening!).
And I who always feel like I'm so confound, not good enough and that people must think I'm so muzzy. I can't belive they missed that?!

I'm always so baffled when people says I have a delightful personality. That makes me always so happy though! I don't necessarily think they are right, but it still makes me pink and fuzzy inside.
I know people with delightful personalitys (and many of them tend to go on my chocolate courses!) and I'm not as sweet as they are - but I do have a happy soul. I always belive in smiling in my heart <3
Look what they gave me! Flowers, mulled whine and samples of tonights chocolate truffles. Thank's <3


  1. I don't have a clue what you are talking about! You are just soo foreign to me, it's fascinating... you have a terrific personality nonetheless!

  2. yummmmmm! I love chocolate though that isnt the best. I love the fact you love to cook pastry and stuff, yet your so skinny! That is a miracle!