Wednesday, October 27, 2010

My scary clown face!

Tonight I've been hosting some Halloween crafts at my daughter Synthias school together with the other class-parents. It was lots of fun! I decided to steal my husbands scary clown look from Halloween 2005. I think I made it just as good! I was even afraid of myself!
The copy
The original
Are we not the most perfect couple you have ever seen?! <3

I forced the kids to make candy-boxes and mummy's as Halloween craft. They made them look so good. Haven't got a picture of it yet - but i do have pictures of my ghost merengues I did.


  1. Haha you forced your kids, lol. Holy crap, that look is insane! I love love love your contacts and eye makeup. You are so creepy-crafty!

  2. Amazing job on the makeup, Adora! <3

    Be sure to award your kids properly with even more sweets :D

  3. Yours look better than your husband :) How did the other parents dress out on the halloween thing ?

  4. Those make ups looks little bit creepy... :D I love your ghost merengues, those are sooo cute ^^ :)

  5. Lol, yeah you sure fit together ;) and aaaww, that´s the cutest merengues i have ever seen!! :D

  6. I love this so much that I think I will use it one day. It is such a good idea. No worries though I live very far from you in California.