Sunday, October 10, 2010

Fun tales of London - The scary man

Chapter 1.
My trip to London started last Tuesday as I jumped on a train at 17:33 to my sister in Gothenburg.
The week before a girl, Elin, disappeared in Gothenburg and was found murdered the day on my arrival.
On the seat across from me a young man, 25-33 something, sat down and acted very strange, nervous. He sat and stared at himself with a smirk the whole trip, and sometimes looked at me. I decided to make it appear like I was supposed to get off on an earlier station then mine. As he sew me getting ready he went completely still then started to rub his fingers. He freaked me out!

I was about to text my husband a description of him (if I was found murdered the next morning) as I noticed he had red and black striped socks. But then I sew it was only on one foot. The other had a purple and white non striped sock. That freaked me out even more since he was far from the hip stylish guys and more of a nerd from out of town with un-hip clothes.
As he noticed me not getting off he seemed calmer, and smirked once again.

I decided to let him step out first so I started to move in one direction, as he immediately started walking that way. Then I changed ways, and he turned around and walked my way.
Out on the platform I started walking very fast with him after me. Then I suddenly stopped to fake I needed to find something in my bag. He slowed down, and I could see him getting anxious when he passed me, looking over his shoulder. I started to walk again, and made a very clear turn to show I was about to enter a store. He was just in front of me, still looking over his shoulder, and picked up on my quick direction change ways and changed ahead of me (you can understand he was wobbling all over in front of me to try to look as he was going the same direction). I walked almost up to the store, then changed again to move out of the station area. As I looked at him to let him know I new he was following me, he didn't get into the store, and just stood there. Of course he came my way again... I'm certain he's some kind of psychopath.
I gave him a good stare to really make him understand he was noticed. He was a real looser!
He finally went some other way.
I was soooo afraid he should jump on the same tram since I was supposed to walk by myself on a dark path where I never been before.
I was happy to find myself still alive as arriving to my sister Jenny.

will continue...


  1. That's so scary.
    I had a person follow me around once, It creeped me out for life.
    he got off the bus with me on my stop and followed me all the way to my friend's house.

  2. Bra att du är uppmärksam i alla fall! Annars vet man ju inte vad som kan hända. Usch så läskigt! :/

  3. sounds very creepy, i'm glad you're obivously still alive <3

  4. Oh!
    The same thing happened to me on a train.I did all I could to avoid him,the same as you; faked my departure,changed paths,glared occasionally,went into stores etc.
    It took an hour or so,I thought I lost him so I continued on my way and just as I was crossing the main street via pedestrian bridge I was suddenly hugged from behind and I felt hands on my bottom!It was so discusting!I yelled,turned around and attacked him with all my fury and was nearly shoving him off the bridge when locals came and stopped me..He got away because I was in shock and I just forgot about my appointment and went straight back home.It was horrible..
    Sorry you had to go through the stress too, kisses!

  5. Gosh! That sounds terrible! Fortunately you knew exactly what to do and acted very confident. You're helping other people who could be in the same situation by telling this, thank you ^^

  6. Actually, psychopaths have no sense of right or wrong so they would've just gone straight in and killed you if they wanted to. The guy might have been psychotic, as he clearly knew that was he was doing was wrong, but at the same time had bad intentions.

  7. Oh my goodness, thank heaven you're safe and sound! Cheers to you for keeping your head on your shoulders and remaining calm. Take great care~! <3

  8. O___O
    It's terrible!

    Sometimes things like that happened to me.


  9. Först och främst måste jag säga att du är otroligt cacker och en inspirationskälla för mig ^^ Jag har även en fråga till dig: Vad använder du för hårfärger? Ska nämligen bleka mitt hår och färga blått och rosa och jag vill veta det märke du använder eftersom det blir så fina färger! ^^ Ha det så bra! // Maja

  10. :( Adora please be careful! :((