Wednesday, October 13, 2010

So sweet!

I'm so blessed. You just can't believe the super sweet messages I sometimes get (well, I guess you can since I get them from many of you <3).
I just recieved one on Facebook where this wonderful goth girl from Wales told me I helped her to improve her personality just by being me! She even called me remarkable <3
I don't think I deserve these fantastic, wonderful words people say about me, but I am VERY honoured and feel blessed and grateful about it.
I feel so happy to know that something I've done will make someone elses day (or even life) better. It's a real WOW-factor. And I'm so happy when people take their time to tell me so. It means a lot.
I'm a big fan of happyness and being true to your spirit so I'm so happy when it rubs off.


  1. You deserve all of the nice comments, gurl! Seriously, you don't even know how cool you are. I have never been so excited to get older and to be my gothy self and that's really cuz of you and how you live your life. You are my fashion inspiration and my role model!

  2. Really, you deserve it.

    I'm a 20yr old goth boy and I get alot of crap for how i dress and the things i do, and when im feeling low about how i look, i always go watch your videos and look at your page and you make me feel so good about life

    you are a beautiful soul, one that this world should have all the respect possible for.

    much love for you my dearest girl!

  3. I think the description
    fits perfect on you.

    You're Adora-ble (:

  4. last november i had the H1N1 virus desease so i stayed one month in bed. Once fever was down i started searching for goth youtube videos and found your tutorials!u made it seem like the different and the strange -as i would always liked to be- was ok, and i should express my likes and imagination with no i did..result: i even went first time to goth festival ''Sinfest'' held in Larissa (greek city) at 26/12/09 well dressed, adora-inspired goth make-up, i loved it, ppl loved it, had great time. :D :*

  5. Two years ago i found your tutorial about the perfect bang and i loved you since the first second <3 you're a person who paradoxically inspires joy, because you're sicere, pure and when you do something it's clear that you do it with your heart :) i love you for this! and then, you're so beautiful! goth greeting from Italy

  6. You absolutley deserve all the nice comments!
    You're my favourite model and you seem so cheerful, whenever I feel as though being goth has it's downside I remember that we don't all have to be unhappy to be alternative!!

  7. You are my inspiration Adora <3

  8. A few days ago, I was reading a book and the Manic Panic hair color company was mentioned. I totally thought of you :D You're one rocking chick with some awesome hair! You put a whole new meaning on the term "Goth". :)