Sunday, November 14, 2010

Getting my hair pretty

I should really need to bleach my hair right now - but it kills the hair to do it too often, and my hair can't take it. I always tries to wait as long as I can. When the outgrowth is getting too long I hide it wearing a small coif, big bows or else. Right now I think I will hang on until Lucia or something, so I look nice during Christmas and New Years Eve at least.


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  2. Which color do you want to dye your hair?(: Do you want it to stay purple or trying another color? Always looooved your pink hair but I guess every color would look good on you ♥

  3. if u use the green dye you will be a set with ur son^^.

  4. greeeen :D
    yup my favourite color!
    if u go for the deep one and u are blond
    un dont necesary need to bleach all the time :)

  5. Dark Blue.I thing this color will be great on you.

  6. You could always geta really cute hat or a wide headband!
    I'm so happy to be one of those very few really blonde girls who actually don't have to bleach hair and still get lovely pastel shades! I bleach mine every 12-14 months, just so the colour will get even in the roots.

  7. I now stick to blues and purples, I feel they are more "me" ^^
    I have naturally near black hair, so the dark roots against the blue doesn't show too badly, but it does need rebleaching soon..
    Like you said, I want it to look nice for Christmas! ^^

    I love cherry pink/red colours alongside purples. Maybe you should try that out :)